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The Bahamas has a vibrant arts community encompassing artists working in a wide variety of creative fields. The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas features an extensive collection of primarily Bahamian art, including paintings by Amos Ferguson, sculptures by Antonius Roberts and pencil drawings of historic Nassau from the 18th century. Other galleries and artist studios are located in Nassau and throughout the other Bahama islands.

For many years, Bahamian art consisted primarily of straw crafts and paintings of island life, created primarily for the tourist market. Over the past decade, or so, a new crop of Bahamian artists has emerged on the scene expressing themselves in new, creative and uniquely Bahamian ways. These young artists are encouraging a new form of individualism and artistic personality.

More Than Sun, Sand and Sea

Bahamas - Art

Bahamian Artists
For such a small country the Bahamas has produced an impressively high number of world-class artists. Masters like Max Taylor, Kendal Hanna, Antonius Roberts, Eddie Minnis and Jackson Burnside, amongst several others, were pioneers in Bahamian art and have brought international recognition to these islands.


Birth Mark

Bahamas - Art

Birth Mark Collage
Birth Mark is an exhibition of art by Charlthorn Strachan, Javon Nixon and Preston Hanna at the Ladder Gallery in Nassau, New Providecne, The Bahamas from October 7-24, 2011. Opening Night Reception: Thursday Oct 13th 2011.


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