Noteworthy Bahamians

Throughout the colorful 500 year history of The Bahamas, there has been any number of Bahamians who have left their indelible mark on Bahamian society. We've tried to include a few of them below, but we realize this is a very short list that definitely needs expanding. So, if you know of someone who you think should be featured on this page, please contact us with the details.
1 Alfred Adderley
2 Alvin Braynen
3 Amos Ferguson
4 Cecil Wallace-Whitfield
5 Charles Trevor Kelly
6 Clarence A Bain
7 Clement Bethel
8 Clement Maynard
9 Clifford Darling
10 Cyril Stevenson
11 Etienne Dupuch
12 Harold G. Christie
13 Hubert Ingraham
14 Lynden Oscar Pindling
15 Milo Butler
16 Randol Fawkes
17 Rodney Bain
18 Roland Symonette
19 Samuel McPherson
20 Sidney Poitier
21 Stafford Sands
22 Wilmore Eneas
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