Charles Trevor Kelly

Born: 31-Jan-1903
Birthplace: Harbour Island, Eleuthera
Died: 1989
Location of death:
Cause of death:
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Occupation: Politician

Executive summary: After leaving Queen's College at age 14, Mr Kelly began working for his father's lumber yard, which became one of Nassau's leading merchant houses. In fact, Kelly's Lumber Yard's success enabled them to grant mortgages before Nassau's banks opened up their lending practices, enabling hundreds of deserving Bahamians to own their own homes. Mr Kelly was elected to head the Chamber of Commerce from 1948-1951, which followed with him joining the Bahamas Development Board (now the Ministry of Tourism), which he served on for 21 years. Mr Kelly is responsible for building the first Paradise Island bridge and constructing Arawak Cay, which was first known as "Kelly Island".

Father: Charles Jordan Kelly
Mother: Ethel Sweeing Kelly
Wife: Eulalie Moore Kelly (1 child)
Children: Betty Kenning

President, Chamber of Commerce - 1948-1951. House of Assembly, Eleuthera constituency; Governor's Executive Council, Minister of Maritime Affairs, 1956-1967.

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