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I'm in Love with My Doctor

By: Linda Patrice Smith
Book by Bahamian author Linda SmithLinda Smith's "I'm in Love with My Doctor but He Doesn't Know It: Kept Secret," is a story that details a 10-year period in the author's life, during which time she faced a number of challenges while still maintaining her unwavering faith in the strength of love.


Do No Harm

Book by Cliff Bacchus M.D."Do No Harm" by Cliff Bacchus M.D., is a story about a doctor whose sense of adventure draws him to The Bahamas where his association with a mysterious and attractive woman exposes him to unexpected and dangerous secrets.


Biblical Journeys

By: Velyn Cooper
Book by Bahamian author Velyn CooperVelyn Cooper's "Biblical Journeys: Passages Through Time and Into Eternity" is a book that takes you on a journey from the creation of the world to the future establishment of God's Kingdom on this earth.


What Does the Bible Say About...

By: Velyn Cooper
Book by Bahamian author Velyn CooperVelyn Cooper's book, "What Does the Bible Say About...", helps readers explore some of the most confusing topics in the Bible, providing thoughtful biblical commentary that encourages readers to delve deeper into Scripture.


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