I'm in Love with My Doctor
"I'm in Love with My Doctor but He Doesn't Know It: Kept Secret"

By Linda Patrice Smith

I'm in Love With My DoctorLinda Patrice Smith has nine years of professional experience and specializes in writing romance novels, short stories and poetry. Most recently she penned "I'm in Love with My Doctor but He Doesn’t Know It: Kept Secret," a story that details a 10-year period in the author's life, during which time she faced a number of challenges while still maintaining her unwavering faith in the strength of love.

The 160-page novel was optioned a mere seven months after Linda submitted it for publication and it is now available in paperback or in e-book format from Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc. Ms. Smith notes that a love for writing inspired her to become involved in her profession, and she considers having the ability to express her innermost feelings through her written works to be particularly rewarding.


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