Vessel Of The Light

The Life Star: "Vessel Of The Light." Volume One

Authored by Shawn T. Gardiner

Her choices? Save her homeland or save the planet. The epic saga begins...

Vessel Of The Light by Shawn T. GardinerOn Willow Debulus known among the galaxies as The Life Star, in a land named Zinobi, is under the Renaissance Revival rule and its Emporat Broteus Eferigin who is now ailing from an unknown sickness. He is set to pass on the throne to his daughter, Princess Shailey, a superior warrior in the Revival's Army. She is set to become the first woman Emporat of Zinobi and it will not be easy. It will also be revealed that she is destined for even a higher calling. A greater mission awaits her as the Vessel Of The Light, who wants to use her as an instrument to save the planet from the evil plot of The Darkness, and to bring justice to all in need. But as a Vessel, she must die to her desires for Emporatship, sacrifice her identity, and leave her family and all she had built in Zinobi behind. What will she do? Like a pebble dropped in a river, witness the rippling effects of Shailey's choice.



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