Who Let The Dog Out?

Book by Carole Hughes

Dottie's story

This is no ordinary "doggie" story; this is the story of Dottie, a V.I.P. [a Very Insatiable Puppy] from the very beginning.

Born into a world of tropical splendor on a tiny Bahamian island, Dottie's life is one long adventure. Not content to stick around her eight sisters and one brother, she sets off to discover the wonders of the world, and discover them she does.

From head on clashes with a vicious Pit-bull puppy and a giant Loggerhead Turtle, to single handedly surviving a Category Four hurricane, Dottie races from adventure to adventure. The story flows along gaining momentum with each chapter, until the final and greatest adventure of all leaves the reader gasping for more!

"Who Let The Dog Out?" by Carole Hughes is available throughout the Bahamas and online from all major booksellers worldwide.

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