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The Education Crisis in The Bahamas

In response to the Ministry of Education's public call for "papers and documents on education" for inclusion in the National Electronic Database, author Ralph J Massey, submitted 20 papers and four videos in two volumes. The videos we will make available at a later date.

Sadly, the well-researched documents were apparently ignored by the Minister of Education and the officials at the Ministry, thus perpetuating the crisis that is crippling The Bahamas

Volume One

Volume One has ten print publications.

1. The Bahamian Youth: The Untapped Resource of 2005 and 2007 were published and distributed by the Coalition for Education Reform that represented the tourism industry, hotel companies, their associations, the unions and the Nassau Tourism Development Board.

This private industry initiative did not trigger an industry/Ministry dialogue.

2. "Education Achievement: As, Bs...Gs & Us - Apr 2008" defines more clearly the unacceptable and high level of linguistic and numeric illiteracy experienced by public school leavers.

3. The last four articles are print versions of the four videos and deal with the fundamentals:  Learning Gaps, Cognitive Skills, Culture and Teachers. They define education's basics and their meaning for the Bahamas... namely the likely results for the country if things remain unchanged.

Bahamian Youth Report #1 Jul 2005 - 217k PDF

Bahamian Youth - Untapped Resource #2 Sep 2007 - 178k PDF

Ed. Achievement - A's, B's, G's & U's - Apr 2008 - 220k PDF

Educations Myths & Potholes - 139k PDF

Education Policy Comments Mar '08 - 275k PDF

Importance of Quality Teaching Jul '08 - 303k PDF

Academic Failure & Skills Gap - 270k PDF

Knowledge, Facts & Cognitive Skills - 83k PDF

Culture Really Counts - 150k PDF

Teachers Also Count - 113k PDF

Volume Two

Volume Two has ten publications

1. The first two; "Learning Crisis - April 2009" and "Re-examining education failure - April 2011" are updates of the issues first raised in July 2005.

1. The next four document... from "Going for the Gold" to the "Misleading & Nonsensical Statistic" address specific relevant issues. For instance, the paper "Quality Teaching & Superman" clearly states the growth potential for the individual and the nation in ending the scourge of illiteracy.

The last four... "UN Pathways to Human Development", "Superman & the Inconvenient Truths", "Detroit - The Urban Tragedy" and "U.S. Public Education Failure" provide a wider context within which to consider the public school illiteracy problem in the Bahamas. Superman is, of course, a reference to the "Waiting for Superman" documentary movie.

Learning Crisis April '09 - 722k PDF

Re-examining educational failure - 127k PDF

Going for the Gold - 286k PDF

Math Exam for Teachers - 36k PDF

Quality Teaching & Superman - 92k PDF

Misleading & Nonsensical Statistic - Jun 2010 - 66k PDF

UN Pathways to Development - 120k PDF

Superman & Inconvenient Truths - 149k PDF

Detroit - Urban Tragedy May 2011 - 269k PDF

These twenty papers are the output of seven years of writing on what is perhaps the most serious challenge to Bahamian employers and the nation... the skill level and work ethic of Bahamians seeking employment.

These twenty papers define the problem, the fundamentals and solutions. Furthermore, they clearly show that other nations face the same problem that is, in fact, enormous. It is enormous because existing institutions and cultures defend their interests and resist change.

About Ralph Massey

Ralph Massey graduated magna cum laude/Phi Beta Kappa from Case University, Cleveland, Ohio, in 1952 and three years later earned a masters degree in Economics from the University of Chicago, where he was a Harry A. Millis Fellow in Industrial Relations and a Research Associate in the Department of Economics.

A 36-year business career followed at Ford Motor, Kimberly-Clark, Johns Manville and Chemical Bank (now part of JPMorgan Chase) where he was seconded to the Bank of New Providence, Nassau, Bahamas in May 1984. He was a founding member of the Nassau Institute and an Economist for the Coalition for Education Reform.

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