Spa Treatments


SpaSmitten was designed for people who love going to the Spa and appreciate how all the lovely products used during the treatments make you look and feel.

SpaSmitten ProductsSpaSmitten products are made with 100% natural butters like Shea, Mango, Olive, Coco and Sweet Almond.

Natural essential oils like Avocado, Grapeseed; Jojoba and Passion Fruit are combined with Papaya and Guava extracts to enhance SpaSmittens' anti-aging & anti-cellulite properties.

SpaSmitten products can be used on oily, dry or sensitive skin types, giving you a sexy and natural lift to your skin.  SpaSmitten products can be customized to your individual skin care needs and aromatic tastes; also for special events and private gatherings.

Customizable gift baskets start at $60.

Any 2 Body Butters/Any 1 Body Scrub - $35.00.
Any 2 Body Butters/Any 2 Body Scrubs - $40.00.
Any 5 Body Butters - $70.00.
Any 3 Body Scrubs - $20.00.

For individual prices, questions, or to place an order, please contact Aketa: 242-456-7426 or 242-323-1833.


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