Dragon's Lair

Dragons Lair is the first community-based project created by the Bain Town Outreach Program (BOP). The group was started by Bain Town residents Craig 'Crow' Gibson, Sidney 'Sid' Moss and Marko 'Polo" Becford.

Deagon's Lair

The group's vision was to create a place where young aspiring artists from all across the Bahamas could come to show their talents. It is open to all performance artists, not just rappers.

Performances are every Wednesday night, off Eneas Street in Bain Town, starting time is 8:00pm.

Artists wanting to participate are asked to make a donation of $1 and audience members are asked to make a donation of $2. All donations are used to make each event better than the last.

There is a no cursing rule that is strictly enforced, this is to encourage artists to better their vocabulary and in turn better their craft. The night is usually divided into performances, freestyles and rap battles. The order varies each night.

Before coming on stage each artist has to sign up and list what they wish to do.

There are other projects that BOP is planning as resources or finances become available.

Anyone  wishing to help with the efforts are asked to contact BOP at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or through the Dragons Lair Facebook group. While monetary donations are appreciated, usable resources would be of much more help.

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