Bahamas Advertising: Guide to Advertising in The Bahamas

10 Ways To Advertise Smarter

Advertise Smarter

Quite often we hear business owners and managers lamenting the fact that their advertising isn't really working for them. Whether they are advertising in the local newspapers, on local websites or using Facebook or Google AdSense ads, many of them end up feeling that advertising is an uneccessary expense.

If done correctly, advertising can be thought of more as an investment in the future of your business, rather than an expense. But done poorly, it usually doesn't work and you end up thinking it is a just waste of money.

Here are ten ways to help you get more bang for your buck when advertising your business.


BahamasB2B Advertising Rates

The Detailed Rate Card: (PER MONTH)

Inside Pages


Location Size (pixels) Cost
US$ 250
Other Pages - Header Banner
US$ 150
US$ 50
Other Pages - Sidebar Box Ads
US$ 50
Bahamas Newsletter - Top Banner Ad
US$ 60
Bahamas Newsletter - Sidebar Box Ad
US$ 45

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Ad Sizes:

Page Header Banners: 728x90 pixels (see big ad at top of this page)

Notice: Minimum: 1 month term.


Sidebar Box Ads

Sidebar Box Ad
Notice: Minimum: 3 month terms.

News Pages Box Ads


News Sidebar Box Ad
Notice: Minimum: 3 month terms.

Newsletter Advertising


Newsletter Box Ad

Newsletter Banner Ad

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Advertising Environments on

BahamasB2B offers advertisers the opportunity to place advertising on various areas of our site to reach specific target audiences.

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The homepage of provides its visitors with highlights of the most current news and information available on the site.  Every day a new feature is presented along with highlights from the News page, Blog, Calendar and the latest Real Estate Listings.. 


A local view of the daily news and events shaping Bahamian business and society. Highlights and in-depth analysis of current events and issues. A must-read section that also offers insightful commentary.  Also, international news, Multimedia features, in-depth reviews of current events and breaking news throughout the day.


An array of features covering one of the most exciting and desirable destinations around the world, including a Visitors Guide and Travel Tips. Updated weekly with travel news, features on business travel as well as a  "Deal of the Week" with input and ratings from other travelers on what to do and see in The Bahamas.

The Real Estate section on includes complete access to exclusive listings from the most trusted names in Bahamian real estate, including top brokers and agents from Coldwell Banker Lightbourn Realty, Damianos, SIR Bahamas, ERA Bahamas, Dupuch Realty and many others. Featuring one of the largest databases of all-island, all-agent, exclusive residential and commercial listings for The Bahamas.


A complete package of news and data for offshore investors, executives and professionals from all fields. News, information, analysis of important trends and links to valuable contacts and resources.  Related areas include e-Business and e-Commerce.


Dependable and affordable Web hosting attracts frequent visitors from around the world to our Web Hosting section.  This section attracts a wide cross section of the market with visitors from a wide variety of professions and varying levels of technical expertise. 


A hand-edited database of the best of Bahamian companies.  Our Directory is one of the most complete indexes of high quality Bahamian businesses available online... and an extremely popular section of our site.  The Directory is visited frequently by both local and international visitors.


All the items, all the goods, all the deals, all the time. That's the heart of our  Classifieds section. Easy to use interface encourages repeat visits and multiple ads by allowing users to manage ads, maintain a profile and customize their search options.



Of special interest to local Bahamians and visitors from around the world.  Updated daily, the BahamasB2B calendar is an important part of our online community.  A valuable resource for events and activities throughout The Bahamas. 



Bahamas Internet Marketing

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  • Increase your Web site traffic

Take advantage of these effective, low-cost ways to raise your online visibility, increase your website traffic and improve your bottom line.


Local Bahamas Advertising Fairy Tales

One local website claims to receive 150,000 hits per month. Another, tells you they generate 100,000 page views per month. Yet, another site says that they had 10,000 unique visitors in a month. Which site provides the best advertising opportunity for your company?

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