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Five years ago, getting your site noticed on the Internet was relatively easy. The Web is now a much busier place. The number of new people surfing the Web has grown astronomically. The perception that building a web site is a low cost investment is only partially true. Marketing the site can easily end up costing more than developing the site. But, before you jump in and waste your valuable time and money on unproductive web marketing, take a look at some of the facts and fallacies of Bahamas Web marketing.

Unfortunately, there is much hysteria and misinformation about the Internet, marketing and business in general, making it difficult for small business owners to sort the facts from fiction. And, the blur of information about web advertising and marketing only continues to grow. It seems as if everybody and their sister is telling you how to market your business on the Internet, and how to get listed higher in search engines. The truth is, most of these people will only waste your valuable time and money.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

To take advantage of the Internet for your company's marketing you have to... well, take advantage of the Internet. One local Bahamas website with has done little more than publish the phone book on the web. They offer advertisers a poorly designed phone-book-type listing, on a cluttered site, while charging high prices for advertising. 

In reality, the web isn't likely to replace phone books anytime soon. Most people are quite content with using the free phone book and Yellow Pages provided by BTC, both online and offline, especially when they are going to use the phone to contact the business.

Web advertising should make better use of the resources available on the web, such as hypertext links and email addresses or contact forms.

Another Bahamas vacation guide website claims to feature advertising opportunities for Bahamian businesses, but really offers nothing but a self-serving approach to web marketing. 

Rather than provide real results, sites of this type tend to do little more than enrich themselves, and make their own websites more popular, while their advertisers lose money as their own web sites become more, and more, obscure.

Make no mistake about it... when it comes to the Internet's potential reach and impact on society it cannot be ignored. But how one approaches Internet marketing makes the difference between success and failure in this exciting new medium.

Your Own Website, Your Own Domain Name

First, and foremost, don't let anyone convince you that you do not need your own web site and your own domain name. Some companies that operate these no-content, link-farm web sites intentionally mislead people into thinking that a page on their low budget Bahamas website can provide benefits similar to having your own company website. That is patently false. The money you waste advertising on their site could be spent, more productively, both online or offline.

BahamasB2B is the oldest, largest and most visited portal-type web site in The Bahamas. We have the most experienced online marketing team in the country and we deliver the best advertising value of any website in the market.

Give our online marketing guru a few minutes of your time and we will prove it to you. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation on how we can help you increase sales and improve your bottom line.

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