BahamasB2B Advertising Rates

The Detailed Rate Card: (PER MONTH)

Inside Pages


Location Size (pixels) Cost
US$ 250
Other Pages - Header Banner
US$ 150
US$ 50
Other Pages - Sidebar Box Ads
US$ 50
Bahamas Newsletter - Top Banner Ad
US$ 60
Bahamas Newsletter - Sidebar Box Ad
US$ 45

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Ad Sizes:

Page Header Banners: 728x90 pixels (see big ad at top of this page)

Notice: Minimum: 1 month term.


Sidebar Box Ads

Sidebar Box Ad
Notice: Minimum: 3 month terms.

News Pages Box Ads


News Sidebar Box Ad
Notice: Minimum: 3 month terms.

Newsletter Advertising


Newsletter Box Ad

Newsletter Banner Ad

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