Investment Guidelines - Bahamas Business Guide

Since the Bahamas is a small multi-island nation, the government recognizes the dual need for foreign capital investment and the development of its own people; therefore, the following sectors of the economy have been promoted for foreign investors and reserved for Bahamians:

Areas targeted for overseas investors

Tourist resorts
Upscale condominium, timeshare and second-home development
International business centers
Information/data processing
Assembly industries
Hi-tech services
Ship registration, repair and other ship services
Light manufacturing for export
Food processing
Banking and other financial services
Captive insurance
Aircraft services
Pharmaceutical manufacture
Offshore medical centers
Areas reserved for Bahamians

Wholesale and retail operations (international investors may engage in the wholesale distribution of any product they produce locally)
Commission agencies engaged in the import/export trade
Real estate and domestic property management agencies
Domestic newspaper and magazine publications
Domestic advertising and public relations firms
Nightclubs and restaurants, except specialty, gourmet and ethnic restaurants, and restaurants operating in a hotel, resort complex or tourist attraction
Security services
Domestic distribution of building supplies
Construction companies, except for special structures for which international expertise is required
Personal cosmetic/beauty establishment
Shallow water scale fish, crustacea, mollusks and sponge-fishing operations
Auto and appliance service operations
Public transportation
While these lists outline areas for international investors, they are not comprehensive. Investors interested in areas that are unlisted should consult with the Bahamas Investment Authority for more information. The government encourages joint ventures with Bahamian partners.
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