Bahamas Financial Services

Bahamas Global Finance Center

The Bahamas is a favorable target for financial services and international investment. It has a government that encourages foreign investment and generous legal incentives to attract foreign investors.


Investing in Bahamas Real Estate

Investing in real estate in the Bahamas has never been easier. Under the International Persons Landholding Act, approval is granted automatically for non-Bahamians to purchase residential property of less than five acres on any single island in The Bahamas, except where the property constitutes over fifty per cent of the land area of a cay (small island) or involves ownership of an airport or marina.


Investment Incentives For Foreign Investors

The Bahamas officially welcomes foreign investment in tourism and banking, and has declared its interest in agricultural and industrial investment as well as any investments which will generate local employment, particularly in white-collar or skilled jobs.

The government has developed a national plan which is strategically focused to provide an investment climate conducive to creating a sustainable, well regulated, and cooperative financial centre; and to expand and diversify the economy.

The inducement of a tax-free environment and a stable government and currency are enhanced by a series of investment incentives that provide relief from customs duties on approved raw materials, equipment, and building supplies, as well as allowing exemptions from business licenses and real property taxes for up to 20 years.


Bahamas Financial Services Industry

The Bahamas possesses an outstanding infrastructure for commercial and industrial activity, and offers a highly-skilled workforce. The professional community of accountants, international bankers, trustees, and investment specialists is large, diverse and highly skilled. There is also a full complement of respected and experienced law firms.

An available pool of well-qualified international and Bahamian financial services professionals means The Bahamas can offer long-term working relationships with resident expertise.

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