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Insurance in The Bahamas

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Find out everything you need to know about insuring your business in the Bahamas.

Disability - The Forgotten Insurance

You probably have life insurance, and hopefully you have health insurance. But what about disability insurance? If you're sick, you're covered, and if you die, you're covered. But what if you become disabled and can't work? Some financial advisers will usually tell you that disability insurance is the most important insurance you need. Click Here

BahamasB2B Insurance Links

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Bahamian Insurance Providers
Insurance companies, agents and other valuable insurance related links from our popular Online Business Directory.

The National Insurance Board
Administrators of the country’s social security programme to provide assistance for needy citizens and to assist with the social and infrastructural development of the country.

Bahamas General Insurance Association
Trade group representing insurers, agents, brokers and adjusters in the Bahamas.

Insurance Industry in the Bahamas
The insurance industry in The Bahamas is divided into two distinct and separate sectors: The Domestic Market (the insurance of local risks by locally-owned or foreign-owned insurers) and The International [Captive] Market (the insurance of foreign risks by foreign-owned insurers working through The Bahamas).

Insurance Information Institute
Independent source of information on finding an agent, filing a claim, saving money and insuring against a catastrophe.

Disaster Information
Information on disasters including hurricanes, floods, fires and other emergencies. Learn about the different types of disasters and hazards. Step-by-step approach to emergency planning, response and recovery for companies of all sizes.

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