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'Out & About' in the Islands of The Bahamas was a weekly video series featuring Kristin Marie highlighting the best events and entertainment happening each week in the Bahamas.

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Out & About - BahamasB2B

'Out & About' with Kristin Marie was a weekly feature on BahamasB2B.com that originally started in August, 2009. Each week, Kristin would go 'out and about' to different interesting locations in Nassau and the Island of New Providence while keeping Bahamians and web site visitors up-to-date on the top events and entertainment each week. The weekly videos varied in length from 5-10 minutes and included a slideshow of weekly events for all islands of the Bahamas.

Although we no longer produce the videos (our lovely host moved on to bigger and better things) we keep these videos around because they were so popular. You can still keep up-to-date on all the best events and entertainment for The Bahamas by visiting our Bahamas Calendar or the Bahamas Entertainment Channel.

Out and About in The Bahamas'Out & About' - the weekly Events and Entertainment Video from BahamasB2B.com - The Bahamas.

The 'Out & About' video from BahamasB2B.com was also featured on Cable Channel 12.


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