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Atlantis Shores Eco Lodge

Rose Island
New Providence
Atlantis Shores is a year-round Eco Resort on Rose Island, Bahamas, with active Scuba Diving, Eco Spa, Adventure Water Sports, Eco Weddings, Ocean Studies School and Pre-Columbian Cuisine components: come for a day or stay for a week!

Activities include but not limited to

shore diving / kayak diving / night diving /
scooter diving / shark diving / exumas diving trips / diving camps / diving packages / diving instructions / water sports / eco spa: atlantis baths rituals and fountains of youth / sea kayaking / eco, green and adventure tours and excursions / eco and adventure weddings / teens and adults camps for ocean studies and special interests, sports and hobbies / healthy and exotic cuisine /

ATTENTION: Eligibility for booking at Atlantis Shores is sbject to sharing and signing Code of Conduct - Visitor’s Ethics Guide, which includes Follow the rules, Respect wildlife, flora and their habitat, Lessen your impact on the environment, Contribute to conservation, content.

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