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Levy Building, East Bay Street
N-4940 Nassau
New Providence
Phone: 242-322-3740
Fax: 242-322-2133

The Bahamas Agricultural & Industrial Corporation is a quasi-government agency that was established through an Act of Parliament in 1981 and became operational in 1982.

It's mission is to stimulate and encourage the creation, expansion and promotion of small and medium sized businesses, thereby facilitating employment and import substitution.

BAIC is structured to meet the Government's goal of economic diversification and job creation through the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME's) in the Bahamas.

Functions of BAIC

  • To Stimulate, facilitate and encourage the development of Agriculture in The Bahamas.
  • To process the produce of Agriculture in The Bahamas.
  • To market the produce of Agriculture within or outside The Bahamas.
  • To carry out, operate and participate in any Agricultural project as the Minister may approve.
  • To assist in the creation and development of Commerce and Industry within The Bahamas.
  • To expand and create opportunities for Bahamians to participate in the economic development of The Bahamas.

Office Locations

Women bottlingHead Office
Levy Building, East Bay Street
PO Box 4940, Nassau, Bahamas
tel: 242-322-3740
fax: 242-322-2133

Soldier Road Industrial Park
Old Trail Road, Opposite BTVI
tel: 242-394-3981 or 3982

Gladstone Road Agro-Industrial Park
Fire Trail Road
tel: 242-322-3740

BahamaCraft Center
Paradise Island
tel: 242-363-2832-4

Sub Office
East Bay Place
PO Box 4940, Nassau, Bahamas
tel: 242-328-6541-3
fax: 242-328-6544

Freeport Office
Kipling Building, Downtown
Freeport, Grand Bahama
Box F-42672, Grand Bahama, Bahamas
tel: 242-352-1888
fax: 242-351-2235

Eleuthera Office
Hatchet bay
tel: 242-335-0416
fax: 242-225-0420

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