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Why The Bahamas for International Business? 
As a major international tourist destination and financial jurisdiction, with tens of thousands of offshore enterprises already installed, the Bahamas is already a centre of international business activity.

Offshore Basics 
For a small or medium-sized company based in a high-tax area it is often confusing when it come to deciding how to approach the idea of global business or offshore e-commerce. 

Offshore e-Commmerce 
In many higher tax countries, the distribution of goods from a warehousing facility does not constitute the carrying on of a trade or business in that jurisdiction, so that even for physical goods, in many cases it will be possible to avoid a permanent establishment (taxable presence) altogether in many high-tax jurisdictions where trading activities currently take place.

Forming Your International Corporation 
There are a host of factors involved in the selection of a business form and in setting up your international company. It is important to make decisions which will will give you the optimal tax and operating results. Our legal advisors are among the most experienced in the Bahamas and are able to give competent advice and practical assistance in all areas of company formation.

Most new entrants to our offshore e-Commerce solutions choose to establish an International Business Company, which is an offshore limited company, immune from virtually all taxation.