Alert Security Guard Foils Possible Bank Robbery

Thursday 19th, August 2010 / 12:09 Published by

A security guard may have averted a possible bank robbery attempt yesterday when he trusted his instincts and called the bluff of a man posing as an undercover police officer.

Shortly before 1:00pm, a security guard stationed at Commonwealth Bank on Wulff Road noticed a man loitering in the bank’s parking lot.

The guard approached the man, who flashed police identification and claimed to be an undercover officer.

The guard was unconvinced; however, and reported his concerns to the headquarters of his employer, which in turn alerted the police.

Jewel Fulford, general manager of WemCo Security & Credit Collections, the firm hired to provide security services for the bank, said: “We really have to commend the police on their response time. The man didn’t even have enough time to think towards whether or not he would leave the property.”

Witnesses reported that the man attempted to flee the scene when he spotted the police, but the officers  swiftly apprehended him. When they searched the suspect, the officers found two firearms – a .32 handgun containing two live rounds of ammunition and a .38 handgun containing one live round of ammunition.

He was taken into custody pending further investigations.

Police did not return calls for comment on the incident before press time last night.

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