Bad Eggs: No One Safe From Scary Foods

Wednesday 25th, August 2010 / 07:59 Published by

Will it ever be safe to go back to the grocery store?

Still cowering in fear at the supermarket, clutching our grocery baskets as we inspect product label numbers on cartons in our own, makeshift, at-home test for salmonella following a massive recall last week of more than a half billion eggs, and just when you thought it was OK to clip coupons, things just got scarier.

As of Friday, more than 1,000 people have been exposed to the salmonella in the egg recall that affects 28 percent of the United States.

Luckily, the egg recall has not yet reached Florida, but the Food and Drug Administration warns the outbreaks are not over. Cue the scary “Jaws” theme music.


2 Comments on “Bad Eggs: No One Safe From Scary Foods

  • Pam – my Super Value (Cable Beach) says that the eggs we receive here are from a different Hillandale egg plant and that they are not part of the recall.

  • I read with interest the articles in the newspapers yesterday concerning the recall of eggs in the U.S. because of salmonella contamination and would like to know if anyone is investigating whether the recall is taking place here in The Bahamas as Super Value sells Hillandale Farm eggs and as I presently have some in my fridge I would like to know!

    I hope that you will look into this matter asap.


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