Bahamas Government Announces New Honorary Consul for Denmark

Wednesday 11th, August 2010 / 09:38 Published by

NASSAU, Bahamas — The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Honourable T. Brent Symonette, announces for general information that The Bahamas Government has been pleased to grant provisional recognition to Mrs. Pia Farmer as Honorary Consul for the Kingdom of Denmark at Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas, with effect from 26th July 20-10, to succeed Mr. John Moyell, who has retired.


2 Comments on “Bahamas Government Announces New Honorary Consul for Denmark

  • Pia Farmer does not represent the Bahamas oversees. She represents the Government and People of the Kingdom of Denmark here in the Bahamas. Additionally, she is a Bahamian businesswoman and one of the co-owners of Custom Computers. Also she is involved in some sort of wine imports business. Also, honorary consuls are not paid salaries. Very few may even receive a small stipend of about 7/8 thousand dollars to help with defraying the costs of operations. Also, educate yourself. Please do. If you see it says “Honorary Consul for the Kingdom of Denmark at Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas”. Again I reiterate educate yourself before you post. 2012 is looking good for you because your life must suck. I am guessing your also not Christian to believe in that Mayan 2012 end of the year garbage. And also one thing, EDUCATE YOURSELF.

  • We have all these people representing The Bahamas abroad yet we the People know nothing about them. Why all the secrecy? What’s going on Bahamas?

    It is time to get back to publishing a brief bio on these folks in the local newspapers.

    Inquiring minds would like to know what the people we elected to lead and to whome we are paying a salary are being held accountable for? Are these guys at work for us the majority 95%-98% or the 2%-5% expatriate minority?

    2012 is really looking good right about now.


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