Bahamas Government Clamps Down on Nygard

Thursday 12th, August 2010 / 12:04 Published by

Bahamian authorities are trying to reign in Lyford Cay resident Peter Nygard, who has allegedly failed to comply with the latest directives, issued by the Office of the Prime Minister, to remove structures erected on unauthorised land formed over the seabed.

For several years, Mr Nygard has been expanding the land he originally purchased by engaging in construction activities, only some of which have been authorised by the government.

His newest project was a man-made beach which was created from sand dredged from the sea bed.

Other property owners in Lyford Cay have been complaining to the government since at least 1993 with little success.

“It has been a very real problem. It is a remarkable story that has created a lot of frustration for good and well-intentioned government officers and all of us who have tried to live in peace,” said one Lyford Cay property owner.

“From our understanding, what has been accomplished in the reclamation of Crown land (from the seabed) has not been approved,” said the property owner.

In Mr Nygard’s defence, there appeared to be no prior stipulations in the original approvals about how the dredged sand should be used.

However, the permit initially issued to Mr Nygard was recently revoked and the new permit stipulates that the removed sand blocking the entrance to Mr Nygard’s boat slip should be “returned to the seabed in front of the manmade beach” and not used to refurbish the beach.

Eric Carey, Director of the Bahamas National Trust (BNT), said he was aware that Mr Nygard “wanted to temporarily move a boat that was blocked in by sand.” Other than that, he said his knowledge of the Nygard issue was mainly, “second hand”, and he was “intrigued to get some more information today.”


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