Bahamas To Open Its First Six-Legged Roundabout

Sunday 29th, August 2010 / 17:30 Published by

Roundabouts are a common traffic flow element in New Providence and Bahamian motorists are quite used to the typical four-legged roundabout. However, the Ministry of Works and Transport has announced that before the end of August a new six-legged roundabout will be introduced to the driving public. This new six exit-entrance roundabout is the first of its kind in the Bahamian road system.

In a press release yesterday, the Ministry of Works and Transport said that the new roundabout is intended to “improve traffic flow conditions at the presently signalised intersections of John F. Kennedy Drive and Bethel Avenue and Farrington Road and Thompson Boulevard and to accommodate the newly constructed link from West Bay Street (corridor five of the New Providence Road Improvement Project).”

Two additional “four-legged” roundabouts will also soon be opened. One on corridor five, between Saunders Beach and JFK Drive/Thompson Boulevard, at the junction with Turnquest Avenue and Oakes Field Distributor. Another roundabout will be constructed at the junction of corridor five with West Bay Street, adjacent to Saunders Beach.

The Ministry of Works and Transport believes that the new roundabouts will not cause any prolems as there are already several along the Tonique Williams Darling Highway. However, a comprehensive outreach campaign will be conducted to assist motorists with any confusion over the modified road systems.

“The Ministry plans to hold a series of information meetings at which it will explain in detail, for example, what a driver needs to do when travelling from JFK Drive to Bethel Avenue (North), from Thompson Boulevard to Farrington Road, etc. These meetings also will be supplemented by fliers and handouts, similar to those distributed at the time the Baillou Hill Road /East Street roundabout was introduced and larger informational drawings will be displayed at a number of locations including the Post Offices, Malls, schools, Ministry Buildings and sent to private sector companies for display in their foyers.”

“In addition, Ministry staff will appear on both radio and television and take calls from the general public. Flyers will be distributed via a major e-blast to thousands of e-mail addresses and will also be uploaded on to the Ministry website for easy access by the general public,” the statement added.


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