Car Thefts, Break-Ins Up In Cable Beach

Tuesday 31st, August 2010 / 10:09 Published by

Police have reported a sharp rise in car thefts and break-ins in Cable Beach, a popular tourist district. This is the second time in just over a week that police have reported a crime spike in the area.

Cable Beach strip Superintendent Elaine Sands, Head of the Cable Beach Police Station noted that criminals have been targetting cars parked along the parking lots in western New Providence.

The most popular vehicles being stolen include late-model Hondas and Nissans parked in the lots just opposite Breezes all the way down to the lots directly opposite the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort.

“In the Western District we’ve noticed that there are a lot of vehicles being stolen from parking lots,” said Sands.

The peak hours appear to be between 4:00am and noon and Superintendent Sands said the criminals are targetting everyone from residents to visitors.

“To enhance the safety of this area we also launched bicycle patrols and so we hope that we can have patrol officers in these areas who are able to maneuver in and out the parking lots,” said Sands.

“We want officers to patrol this strip not only to protect our citizens put also to protect our tourists. We have a number of tourists also who rent SDs and some of them are stolen in this area.”

“We found that in a number of cases those persons who were arrested earlier in the year and who might have been released whether on bail or after serving their time, they find their way back to the same area and it continues.”

Chief Operations Officer of I.C.S. Security Concepts Kenneth Morrison said private security firms have also noticed an increase in crime in the area.

“We’ve beefed up security in a number of the areas that we’ve flagged as hotspots for crime, and we’ve also spoken directly with some of the residents in terms of taking proper security measures and securing items.”


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