Chinese Labour Fears Unfounded

Tuesday 10th, August 2010 / 11:32 Published by

Many Bahamians have expressed their concerns about the possibility of 5,000 Chinese workers coming to New Providence to work on Baha Mar.

This came after Baha Mar concluded all of the necessary agreements with the Export-Import Bank of China as well as the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC).

According to accountant Raymond Winder of Deloitte and Touche, the deal is one of the best things that has ever happened to The Bahamas.

“When I met with investors, I was told that they would be spending $50 million a month during the four months that they would have 5,000 Chinese here.”

Mr. Winder also said it would be impossible for Bahamians to complete the project on their own.

“One of the problems that The Bahamas has is that it doesn’t have a workforce that we can be proud of. I don’t think that there are many Bahamian construction companies that are building Bahamian homes that don’t have at least one immigrant as a part of their labour team. We don’t have sufficient Bahamians to build Bahamian homes.”

How can we expect to complete a project of that size without foreign labour, he questioned.

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2 Comments on “Chinese Labour Fears Unfounded

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  • O.Charles Bodie Jr

    Try training bahamian men now for the project instead of saying there is not enough skilled workers for the jobs to come.Being prepared for whats to come once,,, lets try that approached..we knew of this for years now and did nothing what is BTVI for…
    for you to have said was typical of the haves say stupid things to the have nots. i reject the notion that bahamian men cant do (learn) whatS needed to get the job done,, if shown how…….get of your high horse and try seeing what fears are out there for those who have not been given the opportunity and directed in the path try it see how many young men will appear at BTVI’s Doors to prepare ..that school should be free anyway….start looking out for everyone else but yourself if you want to be a crony or mouth piece… the long run your killing the future of all. there is indeed enough foriegners running around the island whom do more taking than giving…typical thought you are displaying everyone else is better…….the masses are slow but will rise against you eventually….so when you sit in council for deals stop selling your birthright for your sake think about the many, the have nots


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