Bahamas-based Con Man Faces Jail Term

Thursday 05th, August 2010 / 09:26 Published by

A con man who swindled investors while living a champagne-fueled lifestyle in The Bahamas faces jail today for his part in a $300 million international fraud.

Flamboyant William Godley was well-known on Nassau’s financial scene back in 2000 and 2001, living the high life while he entertained clients as the former head of international sales for the Imperial Consolidated Group, working out of its Bahamas office on Shirley Street.

He was a familiar figure at top eateries such as Graycliff and Cafe Matisse, where he spent thousands persuading unwitting investors to part with cash that they would never see again.

Godley, who took home a $1 million salary and lived in an exclusive Cable Beach property, targeted potential victims coming off the cruise ships arriving in Nassau and even preyed on those winning in the casino on Paradise Island.

But, after a series of complaints into the dealings of Imperial, an international police investigation was launched by detectives in the U.K. This led them across the world where they discovered more than 3,000 victims had lost more than $300 million.

After admitting to conspiracy to defraud investors, today Godley is due to stand before a U.K. court to be sentenced for his crimes.


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