Government Unlikely To Approve Crazy Cable Plan

Thursday 05th, August 2010 / 09:13 Published by

The government may not approve all of the proposed measures to fund a restructured Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas, BCB executive chairman Michael Moss said yesterday.

“The government said it did not feel it would be minded to go ahead and approve all of the things in the proposal,” Moss told The Nassau Guardian, confirming that he presented the BCB board’s restructuring proposal to Cabinet on Tuesday.

The most significant of the funding measures proposed by the board of ZNS Bahamas was the suggestion that a $6 monthly charge be applied to the bills of the more than 70,000 cable television subscribers in the country.

That move would generate more than $4 million per year, according to the proposal.

Many people have referred to the proposal as an additional tax, piled on to a host of recent tax increases.

Calling in to a local talk show, after a stream of irate reactions to the proposal yesterday, Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest indicated that the cable fee was not something the government would consider.


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