Did Bahamians Assist ‘Barefoot Bandit’?

Sunday 08th, August 2010 / 15:12 Published by

The “Barefoot Bandit” is the 19-year-old whose two-year alleged crime spree included stolen cars and planes, and ranged from his home on Camano Island all the way across the U.S. and into the Bahamas.

Harris-Moore was caught by police about 3 a.m. July 11 when a boat authorities say he stole at Harbour Island got stuck on a nearby sandbar. He then threw the electronic devices, a 9-mm gun and a knapsack into the water.

Five hours later, in daylight, Jordan Sackett was among those who went with Bahamian cops to retrieve the items. He said one of the electronic devices was “an Apple laptop in a black cover case” and the second was “what I believe was an iPhone, but could have been the iPod touch.”

What information the laptop and iPod touch might provide is important because U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan in Seattle has said the federal investigation includes possible charges against anyone who might have helped Harris-Moore avoid capture.

The big question is… did the ‘Barefoot Bandit’ have a Bahamian connection?


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