Driver Shoots Man For Throwing Rock at Car

Thursday 12th, August 2010 / 12:46 Published by

Bahamas Police are investigating an incident in which a man was shot for allegedly throwing a rock at a passing car.

The shooting took place on Mackey Street near the Commonwealth Bank, sometime after 7:30pm on Tuesday.

Police believe the victim had got into an argument earlier with a motorist after a stone hit his car in the area of Ebenezer Methodist Church on Shirley Street.

Police said: “The fellow was throwing stones as he (the driver) was passing in his car, and one of the stones hit him and his car.

“They got into an argument, and the driver left the scene and came back with his shot gun. He shot the guy somewhere near Commonwealth Bank on Mackey Street.

“It doesn’t appear as if they knew each other.”

The victim was apparently left with “non life-threatening minor pellet wounds.”

Police have a man in custody who is helping officers with their inquiries.


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