Bahamas Immigration To Launch E-ID Cards By Year-End

Saturday 28th, August 2010 / 01:00 Published by

After more than a year of delays, the Department of Immigration is hoping to launch a state-of-the-art E-Identification system by the end of the year–bringing an end to the antiquated system currently in use.

“We have completed the legislation with the Attorney General’s Office to permit the electronic cards,”Immigration Director Jack Thompson said during a luncheon with the Rotary Club of West Nassau at Graycliff Restaurant yesterday.

“So what we seek to do is to do away with the written permit, where you have these big paper certificates. We’re moving to the 21st century. We’re getting with it and moving away from the old system.”

The E-ID card is a smart card for holders of work permits, spousal permits, homeowners residence permits, and permanent residence permits.

The cards will have a chip inserted which will contain pertinent information about the card holders.

Guardian Staff Reporter


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