Government Agency Fails To Pay NIB

Wednesday 18th, August 2010 / 11:45 Published by

Workers at the Antiquities, Monuments and Museums Corporation (AMMC) were shocked to find out that their National Insurance contributions were only paid up to November and December of 2009.

Several concerned employees at the AMMC called the National Insurance Board (NIB) last week to check on the status of their contributions. They were told that the contributions were current only up to the end of last year – with no word from management about the situation.

Later, om Monday, staff members were called in for a meeting and were told that their contributions were not up to date. However, once some paperwork is filed the matter would be sorted out.

Culture Minister Charles Maynard, whose portfolio includes the AMMC – chalked the situation up to a management breakdown.

He said the AMMC receives a quarterly subvention from government that is used to pay the employer’s portion of insurance payments. However every month, C-10 forms are to be submitted to NIB with a record of each employee and their contributions to keep their records up to date ahead of the quarterly payment from AMMC. This was not done, he said, but he could not reveal for how long the over-sight occurred.


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