Grant-Bethel Holds Onto Disputed Prosecutor Job

Thursday 05th, August 2010 / 10:16 Published by

After being barred from her office in the East Hill Street Attorney General’s Office, Cheryl  Grant-Bethel is still working as the Director of Public Prosecutions from her new office in the British American building.

Ms. Grant-Bethel continues to work under this title despite statements from the government that the job is no longer hers. In fact, reports indicate that the government has hired Jamaican attorney Vinette Graham-Allen as the new Director of Public Prosecutions. Ms. Graham-Allen is scheduled to start work on Monday, August 9, 2010.

Government had relocated Ms. Grant-Bethel to the British American building with the intent to reposition her in a new role as the Deputy Law Reform and Revision Commissioner, which is the post to which the Attorney General maintains she was originally appointed. However, Ms. Grant-Bethel has asserted and maintained that she should and does have the role as Director of Public Prosecutions as she had previously held the position of Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions.

Her attorney, Wayne Munroe said, “She’s a public servant so she must work, she’s not going to sit down and do nothing, but she is not doing any work that’s inconsistent with the post of Director of Public Prosecutions.”

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