How To Open a Health Food Restaurant

Sunday 01st, August 2010 / 17:00 Published by

As customers become more and more demanding of what they expect when they go to the store or out to eat, the health food industry is a great market to be in at the moment.  But before you jump in head first, let’s first review what you will need to know in order to successfully open a health food restaurant.

First, as with any restaurant, begin with your customer as your primary objective.   So what does the average Joe looking for a healthy meal want?  Let’s start with what comes to mind when one thinks healthy – light, small portions, simple food, not fried, etc..

Now, the location of your place also needs to be taken into account.  While the trend of health food restaurants is growing, it is still not as popular as a burger and fries.  Therefore, make sure that you are accessible to your target group.  Finding a location near a large popular gym makes plenty of sense.  Also, being near spas, hair salons, and health food stores such as Whole Foods ensures that you are easy for your potential clients to find.


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