Lyford Cay Billionaire Bacon Hits Back at Nygard

Monday 23rd, August 2010 / 09:53 Published by

Lyford Cay billionaire Louis Bacon has filed a counterclaim to the lawsuit brought against him by millionaire neighbour Peter Nygard.

Lyford Cay billionaire Louis Bacon has responded to a lawsuit from his neighbor Peter Nygard by filing a counterclaim to the suit brought against him by the Canadian fashion designer.  Bacon accuses Nygard of encroaching on his property to carry out unauthorised construction and further the “unlawful” use of Nygard Cay as a resort or hotel.

Mr Bacon is also asking the court for an injunction barring Mr Nygard from traversing his property.

It is the latest development in the ongoing wrangle between the two men.

Bacon’s counterclaim alleges that over the past five years Mr Nygard has committed various acts of encroachment on Mr Bacon’s property.

These acts include Mr Nygard allegedly using portions of Mr Bacon’s property to transport building materials, supplies and equipment to Nygard Cay to “carry out construction that was not authorised by the Bahamas government or the relevant statutory body or for which the plaintiff had not received the requisite permit or approval.”

The countercalim also claims Mr Nygard allegedly used Mr Bacon’s property to “transport persons, goods and services personnel for the purposes or in furtherance of the unlicensed and unlawful use of the plaintiff’s property as a resort or hotel.”

The document also accuses Mr Nygard of parking on the said right of way of Mr Bacon’s property; causing his visitors to park on the right of way; using the right of way as a turn around point for vehicular traffic; and causing his guests to use the right of way as a turnaround point for vehicular traffic.

The counterclaim, filed in the Supreme Court on August 20, lists Mr Bacon as the second defendant and his company Point House Corporation as the first defendant. Mr Nygard is listed as the plaintiff.


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