Nassau Village Woman Killed In Shootout

Sunday 29th, August 2010 / 17:43 Published by

Police are investigating the killing of 62-year-old Brendamae Johnson, of Nassau Village, who was shot by two masked men armed with handguns. The gunmen opened fire on two men who were approaching their vehicle on foot, Mrs. Johnson was hit in the process. The incident occurred around 10:20pm on July 19.

The two men and Mrs. Johnson were rushed to hospital but Mrs Johnson died on Thursday as a result of the shooting.

Superintendent Leon Bethel in charge of the Central Detective Unit (CDU) has classified her death as a homicide yesterday. He said, “The investigation into this matter is being continued by homicide squad.

“We would appreciate any information the public can provide to help with this investigation.”

Anyone who can help is asked to call 919, CDU on 502-9991, or call Crime Stoppers anonymously on 328-TIPS (8477).


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