PLP Poll Shows FNM To Lose Seats

Monday 23rd, August 2010 / 10:07 Published by

Reportedly a secret $1 million poll done by teams of foreign experts paid by the PLP has shown that the FNM is likely to lose 13 seats.

Deputy leader and PLP MP, Philip “Brave” Davis, is the mastermind behind organising the secret PLP-biased poll. It is reported that he raised $1 million from a wealthy ex-pat client Rami Weisfisch, with the money going to hire three teams of four people each, from Britain and Canada, to conduct a survey of the 41 seats – 24 of which are held by the FNM.

The poll has allegedly shown that prime minister Hubert Ingraham has lost popularity due to steep cutbacks and tax raises.

If the alleged poll’s predictions are accurate the PLP hopes to make a landslide victory in 2012 election.

The poll revealed that areas where the FNM may suffer include South Beach (Phenton Neymour); Adelaide (Charles Maynard); Garden Hills (Brensil Rolle); Seabreeze (Carl Bethel); Pinewood (Bryan Woodside); Blue Hills (Sidney Collie); Marathon Estates (Earl Deveaux); St. Anne’s (Loretta Butler); Mt. Moriah (Tommy Turnquest) and Kennedy (Kenyatta Gibson).

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