Retail Study To Assess Downtown Nassau

Friday 20th, August 2010 / 19:28 Published by

Vaughn Roberts, managing director of the Downtown Nassau Partnership (DNP), said that the downtown shopping environment has remained relatively the same over the past 10 to 20 years even though shop owners may have changed.

A new study has been proposed to assess the demands of tourist and local patrons and determine whether the retail environment on Bay Street is meeting the needs of the contemporary visitor or modern Bahamian shopper in the 18 to 25 age group.

Roberts added that high rental prices for retail space on Bay Street may be a factor in deterring more diversification of the market.

“Those businesses cannot sustain the rent. So the side streets and a lot of the adjacent area will see growth.”

On both sides of the street west of Rawson Square there is primarily just a series of t-shirt and jewellery stores, interrupted by the occasional duty-free liquor store, bank or restaurant.

The DNP has attempted to revive the concept of nightlife downtown and Roberts said that entertainment on weekend nights has increased significantly, though frequented more by locals than tourists.

“Most of the nightlife is targeted toward residents,” said Mr Roberts. “I have to give some credit, as it looks like nightlife is taking off downtown and there are several options for entertainment.”


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