Robinson Road, Prince Charles Road Improvements Continue

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Pictured are workers making preparations for drainage pipes on Robinson Road as part of the improvements to corridors 13A1 and 13A2.

Nassau, The Bahamas – Installation of a 24-inch water main and new drainage infrastructure are among the improvements for corridors 13A1 and 13A2 on Prince Charles Drive and Robinson Road.

The road works are presently being carried out in sections of 700 ft. and include Mollie and East Streets, Claridge, Marathon and Wulff roads.

“We are putting provisions for future utility underground conduits for Bahamas Electricity Corporation, Bahamas Telecommunications Company and Cable Bahamas,” said Francis Clarke, engineer at the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. “This is an effort to minimise any further excavation to the road by utility companies.”

Once the underground works are completed excavation works should begin and continue to Baillou Hill Road. “This includes removing the existing asphalt material and reconstructing the road using fresh material. This is total reconstruction and not resurfacing,” said Mr. Clarke.

The photo shows work being carried out on Robinson Road.

Three lanes are being constructed on the entire length of Robinson Road between Claridge and Baillou Hill Roads.

“There will be a west-bound lane and an east-bound lane. The centre lane will be for motorists who wish to make right turns. If you are a driver trying to make a right turn it removes you from the two lanes so the traffic behind you can go through. This change is expected to improve the flow of traffic.

“One of the present problems with the two-lane configuration is that if you are trying to make a right turn heavy opposing traffic makes it difficult to do that and you hold up the traffic that is behind you.

“A third lane removes you from the thru-lane. The driver waits until there is a gap and then you can make the right turn,” said Mr. Clarke.

The two lane configuration is still in place on East Street, although there have been road closures to side streets.

“We are constructing the west side of the roadway first. There have been some road closures to side streets (near the Fountain of Youth and Teachers and Salaried Workers Cooperative Credit Union building). They are closed off temporarily but will be opened after the road is completed.

“The geometrics that we are putting in place would minimise the conflicts that currently exist. These are roads that cause conflicts and since the temporary closure many drivers have said the flow of traffic in that area has improved.”

Mr. Clarke said the public should expect Claridge and Robinson roads to have a signalised intersection to improve the level of service there. Marathon Road and Prince Charles Drive would emerge into a very “elaborate” intersection with multiple lanes.

“The westbound intersection will have a dedicated left turn lane. If motorists desire to make a left turn on to Independence Drive they would not have to wait for the traffic signal as long as it is clear for them to go.  We don’t have that in place now so the people who are trying to make a left turn are inconvenienced.”

Plans also include a traffic signal by the Mall at Marathon near the entrance to Wendy’s. The traffic lights in that vicinity will be linked.

Also on the drawing board are reflective pavement markings and road studs that will improve visibility, an improved lighting system and regulatory signage.

A traffic management plan has been put in place to assist with minimising the impact of construction on motorists.

BIS photo/Patrick Hanna


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