Scientist: It’s Outer Space or Die For Humans

Sunday 08th, August 2010 / 22:08 Published by

Stephen Hawking says he’s an optimist. Perhaps theoretical physicists have an idiosyncratic definition of the word.

Hawking suggested that unless the human race begins to inhabit outer space, it will disappear.

His tinge of optimism is painted in quite muted colors. “If we can avoid disaster for the next two centuries, our species should be safe as we spread into space,” he told BigThink.

But those two centuries might well be fraught with far more crises than ever before, he said.

Hawking is worried about the way humans are eating up finite resources and commented that our genetic code “carries selfish and aggressive instincts,” which have helped humanity survive so often in times gone by.


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  • Stephen Hawking is recently in the news for saying (if I properly understand him) that the universe could have come into being without the assistance of God. Given his own deplorable condition, I can’t help wondering if he feels he could similarly manage without the assistance of God himself…


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