TV Station To Try ‘Anchorless’ News

Sunday 08th, August 2010 / 21:47 Published by

News that a Houston  TV station is considering anchorless news has folks wondering whether this is the next wave of TV news or just a stunt to draw attention by a station with low ratings.

The answer may lie somewhere between, but the mere thought of ditching anchors has TV news staffs wondering if it could happen here.

The idea is flawed, say some local insiders (some of whom concede that they are paid to be on the air). They say that a key to local news is the tie between anchors and viewers.

Audiences are shrinking, they agree, but add that there’s an “intimate” and “familiar” bond with anchors, for better or worse. Take that out of the equation, and there’s a risk of losing a link – real or perceived – between the station and the audience.


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