Two Murders Mar Weekend

Monday 23rd, August 2010 / 08:50 Published by

A young man known as “DJ Box” was shot to death on Gibbs Corner early Saturday morning in what friends say was a dispute over a woman.

29-year-old Steven Walkes regularly deejay’ed at a club on Gibbs Corner known as “Kelsie’s Club.”

He had stopped at a friend’s house on Gibbs Corner at around 2:30am when three men confronted him, one of whom was armed with a handgun.  Walkes was shot after an “exchange of words” with the gunman. He died on the scene.

Also on Friday evening, 27-year-old Omar Malakius – another budding deejay – was shot in the area of Blue Hill Road and Weir Street around 10.5Opm after a confrontation between him and another man.

He was rushed to hospital but died of his injuries at around l:00am.

Police said a man, armed with a handgun and wearing a hooded sweater was seen fleeing the area after Malakius was shot.

Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of crime, Glenn Miller, said that the two incidents “could be connected” but police have no evidence to confirm that at this time.

These latest homicides bring the murder count to 61 for the year.


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