Did Spanish Wells Arsonist Have Help in Escape?

Saturday 28th, August 2010 / 01:05 Published by

Speculation in Spanish Wells suggests that someone must have assisted in the escape of Cuban arson suspect Avelion Avila Tomas.

Police took Avila into custody on Saturday night to question him in connection with the fire on a barge that caused hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage.

But he disappeared from his cell after 11pm on Sunday night sparking a nationwide manhunt for the arson suspect.

Willard Cunningham Sr, assistant commissioner in charge of the Family Islands, said police from New Providence and Eleuthera continued to search the 110 mile-long island of Eleuthera yesterday looking for the suspect.

He said an investigation is under way and declined to comment on how Avila may have broken free from jail.

Former inmates of the Harbour Island jail have told Avila’s relatives that an escape from the cell would be impossible without assistance.

Tribune Staff Reporter


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