ZNS Reporter Suspended For Alleged Nygard Representation

Friday 20th, August 2010 / 16:30 Published by

Michael Moss, chairman of the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas (BCB) has confirmed that ZNS reporter, Sherman Brown, has been suspended – on full pay effective Tuesday – pending an investigation over his alleged representation of controversial Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard.

It has been alleged that Mr. Brown, a government employee, met with Eric Carey, Executive Director of the Bahamas National Trust and BNT Executive Committee President Neil McKinney to attempt to arrange a meeting with them and Mr. Nygard. Mr. Brown said he was “working to try to help Mr Nygard get through some of the issues he was facing.”

Sherman Brown denies any wrongdoing and has threatened to sue the BNT and The Tribune over the claims. Mr Brown’s attorney, Paul Moss, said the suspension is for ten days.

“He has been suspended pending a full investigation into the matter which appears to be in breach of the corporation’s policies,” said Mr Moss.

Mr. Carey said, “As he relayed it to us that was following the fire (at Nygard Cay) and subsequent contacts (Mr Nygard) has had with various government agencies. He indicated that he wanted to know whether there was a possibility of Mr Nygard assisting the BNT as a part of his goodwill.”

Mr. Carey turned down the offer, indicating the BNT was aware of “some issues taking place with Mr Nygard,” but “was not prepared to enter the discussion in that fashion with Mr Nygard.”

Mr McKinney said his “understanding” was that Brown was acting on behalf of Mr Nygard in some capacity, although he agreed with Mr Carey that it was never clarified.

The “outside employment” policy of the BCB states: “Staff may not engage in any business activity of their own, or undertake any continuing work for any other employer, unless written permission is obtained from the Corporation.”

“As a general rule, employees should also be aware of, and avoid, any situation where there may be an appearance of conflict or decreased ability to perform on the job.”

Brown’s lawyer, Paul Moss said the suspension is “offensive” and smacks of “political victimisation reminiscent of the old days of the PLP.”


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