Another After-School Stabbing

Thursday 23rd, September 2010 / 08:13 Published by

Another Bahamian student was stabbed in an after-school incident, making the fourth such violent attack since the school year began two weeks ago.

A young man from Government High School was stabbed in the back following an after-school argument with other students from his school.

The incident occurred shortly before 4:00pm on Robinson Road, in the area of Kentucky Fried Chicken, however police did not confirm any further details.

Last week saw three separate incidents, the most serious of which was the shooting of 13-year-old eighth grader Rashad Rolle. Rashad was shot in the head while at a bus stop at John Road off Baillou Hill Road. He is still recovering in hospital.

The violence has alarmed parents, teachers and members of the community who are debating whether police should resume a permanent presence on school campuses.

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