Corrupt Cops Helped Arsonist Escape

Wednesday 01st, September 2010 / 10:28 Published by

Harbour Island police officers who guarded the cell of prisoner Avelino Avila Tomas will be investigated as police continue to search for answers about the Cuban Spanish Wells resident’s escape last weekend.

Spanish Wells residents say it would have been impossible for Avila to break out of the jail cell alone as no man could fit through the single barred window. They say the only way out would be the front door.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Glenn Miller confirmed yesterday that officers who were guarding the North Eleuthera jail cell will be questioned as part of the ongoing investigation.

Mr Miller said: “The matter is being investigated and of course an investigation of the police officers is a part of that investigation.”

A nationwide manhunt was launched after Avila disappeared from the Harbour Island station some time after 11pm on Sunday, September 22, and is still on the run.


2 Comments on “Corrupt Cops Helped Arsonist Escape

  • I don’t know why we bother to have a police force. Ugh, if it was just one incident but these police are too much.

  • under the guinep tree

    who are they kidding? those barred windows aren’t that difficult to jimmy if you’re keen to escape; even tourists have gotten out of those cells in years past. the government building on gaol lane is in serious need of an upgrade.


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