Crime Pays in the Bahamas

Thursday 09th, September 2010 / 03:19 Published by
That we live in a world where a price can be put on practically any and every thing is indisputable; and that, where there is a monetary incentive, some one or the other will take the risk is also indubitable.

Taken together, these two propositions concerning demand and supply and the human need to turn a profit in a capitalist-oriented society neatly explains how it comes to be that people can be pushed to that point where they steal copper wire from the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas; or for that matter, when a thief could do the same in Grand Bahama, and seemingly [at least to this date] get away with the heist.

Crime – simply put – pays.

Evidently, while the wages of sin might be death, there is no reason to believe that crime does not pay. Indeed, there is evidence galore here in these Bahamas to support and sustain the conclusion that crime invariably brings with it handsome rewards.


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