Deja Vu: Bahamian Paramedics Accused of Extortion

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Following in the footsteps of Travolta extortionist Tario Lightbourn, two more Bahamian paramedics are under investigation for attempting to extort tourists in need of medical attention.

Two Bahamian paramedics have been suspended following allegations that they attempted to extort money from tourists who needed transport to the hospital.

The paramedics are being investigated by officials at Emergency Medical Services after two visitors  who were injured in a traffic accident claim they were the victims of extortion – having been told they would have to pay up-front for medical services and transportation to the hospital.

The tourists were riding on a motor scooter when the accident occurred.

A story in the Tribune did not reveal the names of the tourists or the names of the emergency service employees who are under investigation.

According to the Tribune, EMS director Dr. Avery Hanna confirmed that an investigation is underway.

“The director said the inquiry is in the advanced stages and will be finished in a matter of weeks,” the paper reported.

It was not made clear as to why such a simple investigation would take two weeks.  Nor was the date of the incident reported.

A case involving the attempted extortion of actor John Travolta by ambulance driver Tarino Lightbourn was recently dismissed in the Bahamas courts after a group of legal industry insiders conspired to railroad the trial.

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