Doctor’s Hospital Awards Over $100,000 In Scholarships and Financial Assistance

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A college education is getting more expensive day by day. Students and their parents are finding it very difficult to cope with the rising cost of tuition, books and related educational expenses. Many are looking at scholarships as the best way to fund a college education. With average school costs for tuition and living expenses topping over thirty thousand dollars a year, it can be hard to assemble resources to get the funding needed, especially when most college fees are far beyond most families’ budgets.

Thanks to corporate entities and the establishment of Foundations, grants, tuition assistance and scholarships, students who do not have the financial resources to pay for school, whose circumstances would otherwise prevent them from going to college can find the assistance they need.

Community minded Doctors Hospital, dedicated to social responsibility as well as its commitment to quality healthcare, recently made check presentations to their Foundation recipients of over $100,000 in tuition assistance and scholarships. Beneficiaries were students enrolled in degreed and certified programs in various areas of healthcare locally and abroad. The Doctors Hospital Dr Meyer Rassin Foundation, under the Doctors Hospital umbrella is proud to announce it has provided scholarships and financial assistance to seventy students pursuing a career in health for this school year.

Created in honor of the late Dr. Meyer Rassin, the Foundation was created as a philanthropic mechanism through which individuals, trusts, foundations, estates, businesses and other organization may invest in healthcare in the Bahamas. The Foundation exists to encourage and assist qualified students engaged in study in the healthcare field as well as healthcare workers such as Medical Technicians, Pharmacists, Lab Technicians, Imaging Technicians, nurses and others to realize their dreams.

Students being considered for tuition assistance or scholarships must achieve a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, must be accepted to an accredited certificate program or a degree program, students must be Bahamian citizens and must be able to show proof of financial need. Application forms may be obtained from the hospital’s website at or from its Marketing Department at telephone (242) 302-4603.

The Doctors Hospital Dr. Meyer Rassin Foundation invites the public to share its commitment by helping those in need for years to come. Each contribution received, donations from persons, companies, and other sources add value and strength to the Foundation’s achievements in scholarship assistance. Your gift is an investment in the Bahamian community and makes a positive impact today and in the future. Contributions and applications may be forwarded to: The Dr. Meyer Rassin Foundation, P. O. Box N 3018, Nassau, Bahamas.

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